FoE Fantasy Miniatures Game (PDF)

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Cry, Havoc! And Let Slip Your Imagination

Designed to let you play anything from a skirmish level game up to a mass battle the rules are designed for use with any scale miniatures you wish. In keeping with the flexible nature of the system, you can use miniatures by any manufacturer in your fantasy wargames using these d10 based rules.

Whether you want to have a few brave heroes defending a village from brutal bandits, A band of stealthy Cat-man assassins raiding a Ratman camp or a Goblin horde throwing itself against the mighty citadel walls of a magnificent city, FoE is an ideal rule set for you.

Stage battles in your favourite fantasy lands from literature, TV or your own imagination or use the Elizium setting provided - it's up to you.

With rules for a wide range of creatures from animals to Wyrm kind, Beast-men to demons, FoE lets you build the army you want to field.

Customize your own magical items for your armies and characters to wield.

Clever use of manoeuvres, formations and tactics can swing a game of FoE giving the weaker (on paper) force a fighting chance if its player uses them to best effect.

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  • Size34.1 MB
  • Length97 pages
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FoE Fantasy Miniatures Game (PDF)

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